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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to get Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) in India

(27-1-2015 India-as-superpower) - Getting Police clearance certificate in India is thought to be most difficult thing to get(If you donot want to pay the demanded bribe to police personal). Rightly so as one would probably not get his police clearance certificate if he doesnot pay the demanded money. In this blog post I would give detailed description of whole process of applying for police clearance certificate in India.

Getting a Police Clearance Certificate has different application phases from which every application must pass. I would also give information about government fees wherever applicable. Following are different steps for each Police Clearance Certificate application

1. Fill Police Clearance Certificate application form: Filling of police clearance certificate form is the first step for getting your police certificate. For this the applicant has to goto office of Commissioner of police and fill the application form for Police Clearance Certificate. This form includes information about your house address, Passport number and other personal details. Don't forget to carry your passport size photograph alongwith and attach it on the application form.

2. Submit completed application form: Once you have completely filled the PCC application form, you need to submit the form to the designated public counter(present at office of Commissioner of police office). Person would enter your application details to their database, one copy of passport's front and back page can also be submitted alongwith the form. After he fills your data onto system, get ready for getting your photo clicked on the spot. After photo is clicked then the person would forward your PCC application to the Police station under which your house address falls. He would give you application number.

3. Clearance from Police Station: Next step is to get a recommend PCC certificate from the police station of your area. Once your online application is taken up by police station, you would get a phone call from Police Station to come to police station with documents(2 identity cards - aadhar card, passport etc). You would get a form of neighbour evidence for each of the applicant. This form needs acknowledgment of two persons who know you. You need to paste two of their passport size photos and copy of one ID proof (voter card, Driving license etc). Submit this form to the police station along with your two id proof's. Application would now be moved for getting signature of the SHO on it. Once the SHO signs your application then the staff at police station updates your online application and step 3 is done after you get clearance from SHO. This step cannot be completed if you donot give the asked bribe or if you donot know any person of police links in your district. So you need to do any one of them.

4. Clearance from ACP of your area: After the SHO signs your form, he would give the form to you for getting it signed by the ACP of your area. This step doesnot need any bribery and can be completed without paying any money(other then legal fees). Deposit INR 50 per application as legal fees and paste the receipt along with your file. Now your this step of getting clearance from office of ACP is done. They would update your online application from their perspective.

5. Clearance from Commissioner of Police - Once an applicant completes step 1-4 he is ready to submit his application form at office of commissioner. This step happens at the same counter where you submitted your application form (Step 2). Attendant would check your processed data online and would show you the details of application data(for any errors in name, address), check details carefully and give ok for this data. This person would now take print of the Poilce Clearance Certificate and get it signed from office of Commissioner of Police and hand it over to you.

Cheers Now you have your PCC in your hand and probably whole process is now clear to you.

The same process can be applied through website of Passport seva

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Applying passport in tatkal quota in India

(26-1-2015 India-as-superpower) - Many of the passport applicants have not so good experience of applying passport in India. Since now taking an appointment for passport application is automated and available online, It has become much easier now to get an Indian passport.

Recently I applied passport for my minor son and thought of penning down all the sequence of events/steps which everyone has to follow while applying for minor's passport under tatkal service.

Following are the steps which a person has to undergo while applying for minor's passport under tatkal seva:

1. Get online appointment: One has to sign-up for the government of India, ministry of external affairs website passport application website. After sign up one has to fill all the fields required for fresh passport application and fill all the fields for minor applicant. User has two options for filling up passport form:

a)Download form and fill it offline and then upload it after completing the form
b) fill and save the data online.

Both the methods need good internet connection. There are some 4-5 screens which would ask for information needed for completing the application, Press SAVE button after filling all the mandatory fields of each page. Once you have entered all the data then verify it's correctness and press SAVE and SUBMIT button. This would save your information and give you a ARN number. Now click on pay fees and book appointment link. You would probably get appointment of next working day, If applying tatkal quota. If you are applying under normal quota then you would get slot available on closest date(which can be 10 days away). Since I applied for appointment on saturday, I got appointment for monday morning.

2. Gather your required documents: I started gathering below mentioned documents needed for minor's passport for tatkal passport:
a) Passport copy of both parents (front and back page). If Spouse name is endorsed on at least one of the parents passport then police verification is not needed

b) Birth Certificate of minor: Carry a photocopy and original birth certificate of minor applicant.
c) Marriage certificate of parents: Marriage certificate is not mentioned on governments website but is often asked by documents collector/verifier at the suvidha center.
d) Identity proof/address proof of parents: Carry Identity proofs of parents(aadhar card, ration card, voter card, landline bill, bank passbook) would do. I gave Aadhar card for me and spouse.
e) Annexure H on plain paper: Fill the annexure H declaration and print it on a plain paper(A4 size).
f) Notary attested Annexure I: Annexure I declaration by parents is needed for applying minors passport in tatkal category, get it attested by notary. This costs INR 100 at my city and 10-15 mins to get it from courts. Carry the original parents passport's, marriage certificate, address proof's, minor applicants birth certificate. Stack all the documents in a file and keep printout of appointment letter along-with it.

3. Reach designated PSK: On your day of appointment for passport, it is advised to reach the Passport seva kendra at least 15 mins in advance to your scheduled timing.

4. Get your appointment letter checked: Security personal at entry of PSK would ask for your appointment letter and check the timings and would allow you to enter the Passport seva kendra. Now the whole process would passport application process would take at least an hour.

5. Get token number: When you get entry to PSK then you have to go to counter and get token number for your appointment. Person at counter would ask for all the documents which I have mentioned in step 2 and check the originals too. Then they would give you token number. for applying in tatkal your token is prefixed with letter 'T' followed by number.

6. Document uploading and completion: Next step is going to counter number starting with 'A'. There are numerous A counters inside a PSK. Here they would collect all the photocopies of documents and upload it to their database. Person would get your biometrics, thumb impression in case of minors. It is generally done in 15-20 mins

7. Document verification: After completing counter 'A' formalities, you have to wait till the tv screen shows a 'B' counter number against your token number. Once it is displayed goto corresponding counter 'B' and get your original documents verified. Time taken is generally 5-10 mins.

8. Grant Section Counter 'C': After finishing document verification at counter B, wait till your token number is assigned to officer at counter 'C', C number counter's are passport grant counters and may verify your documents again. Time taken 5-10 mins.

9. You are done: After counter C processes your file, you would get a receipt for passport application and minor's passport would arrive in 3-5 day's time at your address mentioned while filling the online passport form. This is because of no police verification step involved in case of minor's passport.

Hope that now you would get a good pre-understanding of passport application process and different steps involved in it. If you feel like thanking for this post then do press like button or share this post with friends.