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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Corrupt Indian government curbing rise against corruption for their interests

I always wonder why UPA government is shying from giving any written assurance to civil society representatives, This non-commitment puts a very serious question mark on forehead of UPA government giving direct hint that UPA government ministers are directly linked with swiss or some foreign accounts, otherwise why would they care in giving assurance if they are not the ones holding any black money accounts.

I strongly feel that top politicians of ruling party are having black money accounts or are getting party funds from people/businessman with black money account.

The above reason looks quite obvious when we think about stand been taken by government on this whole issue of corruption.

The ruling party is showcasing this whole Baba Ramdev event as politically motivated(which is itself wrong) and not talking at all about the demands of the social society, thus deviating away from the whole anti-corruption movement. I strongly feel that if there is no written permission from UPA government for the timeline of implementation of strong anti-corruption bill, we might see even more rising of Indians against corruption and with every chance of turning violent as started by government by midnight raid onto Ramlila ground where all the agitators were in sound sleep.

Such barbaric act of violence by government against the common man shows that government is currently afraid about the movement against corruption seeing togetherness of whole India (which is diffrent from divide and rule politics being seen in India from past 60 years)

Indian politics have always been of "Divide and rule" type which we inherited from Britishers. The sleepless nights which government is witnessing is due to unity shown by Indian civil society against the corruption. Another factor which has made the congress party piss is the stature of Baba Ramdev in civil society, with clean image and free session(for poor and charging from people who can afford to give), he doesnot snatch money from poors, His institution has certain fees structure which is applicable for all the people who can afford it.

Government cant simply dismantle the pandal in case of Baba Ramdev, turn back from the proposals made with Anna hazare for lok pal, The serious question arising is the Government has refused to accept demands of Anna hazare(civil society) for lok pal bill, which earlier they said would accept. and now saying against baba without any logical talk.

If this behaviour of government continues then I might see violence by civil society against the government, or even assasination of few ministers because I feel for some people the tolerance level for corruption should have crossed the saturation level.

Concluding the whole topic I feel the Government of India should come with some concrete written acceptance which should be addressed to nation by Prime minister so that people should feel that some dignity is still left in this government and it is serious in bringing black money back and declaring it public money(I will not mind if name of some of the ruling party MP's come out in this).

Long Live Independence ! Freedom from corruption!

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Swetha said...

I can understand your angst... The UPA has been adding fuel to the fire for a long time now. I hope it's not too late for them to realise and correct their mistakes. Great post...