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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Is Govt sucking blood of 5% taxpayers to run whole country of 125 crores??

Finance Minister Mr. P Chitambaram would present the General Union Finance Budget tomorrow in the Parliament House. It would be seventh budget presented by P. Chitambarm as the finance minister . he presented the first budget in year 1997 some 11 years ago.

It is strongly indicated that there would not be any tax rates cut in tomorrow's budget . India's population is 125 crores and it is horrible to know that the total percent of tax payers is still in single digits ~ 5 percent . There can be hike in taxes in order to compensate for this year's budget deficit.

However the policies of government need to be changed rather then such financial reforms. It is not at all good for the country like India which sucks taxes from only 5% of the population in order to subsidise or feed the rest of the population which is a huge number in excess of 100 crores.

Finance Minister has to bring more industries under the tax knife so as the burden which is imposed on 5% of population to feed the other 95% is reduced as government clearly earns from taxes and import duties which are applicable to just 5% of the total population.

Some of the individuals who are into agri business i.e. the farmers, agricultural land owners of excess then 50 acres does not pay any amount of tax to the government however they earn profits in crores which simply becomes black money which these farmers never show to government.

So Mr. P Chitambaram kindly wake up and rather then sucking blood of 5% of populaion increase the domain of tax payers by bringing the rich farmers who own more then 50 acres of cultivable land under the taxable individuals so that there remains unbiased growth of all sectors .

Indian Economy growth target is again pegged at 9% this year which would be however impossible to sustain as the year runs by. because government has stopped thinking about agricultural sector and is concentrating on the services sector which is more governed by the US economy rather then Indian Economy. Its a bitter truth anyways!!

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