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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Put restriction(limit) on Private property for curbing corruption

Greetings from IndiaAsSuperPower, a blog on Indian political system and corruption engulfing it.

With India becoming hotspot in Asian corruption index and Political corruption reaching all time high values, here I propose a different method for curbing the menace of corruption which can be summed up in one line as

"Put a restriction limit on private property which an individual can purchase"

India is land of 'equivalent black money' with this I mean it has official economy worth some 1.5 trillion and same value black economy running in parallel. This 'black money' is responsible for abnormal inflation, rise in Realty and other prices which affect poor and lower middle class more then anybody else, The worst affected are ones who earn less then 10,000 INR per month

Resources are very limited in India be it Land, minerals, water etc and current scenario is that rich are laundering the resources for their use and blocking them, thus preventing equal distribution between masses. Land resources is most sought of resource for the rich(those who have black money in store for them). A influential businessman in India has acres of land in his name(commercial, farmhouses, kothi, bunglow, agricultural land) because purchasing land is most easy way of using the black money(which is earned by not giving taxes, or by paying Income tax officials their share for keeping their mouth shut).

I strongly believe that there should be limit on private land owned by a family, like 500 sqyd house limit for a couple. This step would help in decreasing the amount of black money circulating in Indian economy because people would think the black money has lesser value now as their limit for property investment is over and they can't purchase anything new on their name as such move would attract a government inquiry into their assets. Other very good initiative for controlling black money in realty is to make government circle rates more then the prevailing market rates in the circle.

Most of the black money holders have huge amount of land banks in their names/driver's name etc. Thus putting a limit on private property possession to (500 sq yard max) is most important factor in preventing corruption. I dont know why government of India doesnot pass a bill which implements 'residential land for all'?

Putting a restriction of private property would also help in keeping real-estate prices in check as Real-estate prices escalate as politicians/bureaucrats/businessmen purchase insane amount of land bank in urban areas, thus creating an artificial boom(which Indian Realty market is currently into)

So what do you feel about this proposal/idea of 'Put Restriction(limit) on Private property', do leave a comment for a healthy conversation.