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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Growing India Rupee-India Economy

Hi Everyone!
India is second fastest growing economy of the 21st century with annual growth pegged at ~9% for the year 2008. How do you all feel about it ??
Post your comments whether government would be able to take measures in order to sustain same pace of growth for coming years or do you think some immediate steps should be taken in order to carry on the growth rate which is result of economic reforms introduced by the then Finance minister Sardar Manmohan Singh in post 1991 Parliament.
There are several moves which can be encouraged further like:

1. Encouraging more Public Private partnership(ppp) investments.

2. Some concrete steps to control corruption at higher level due to which whole country is affected.

3. Providing management training to the MP's which are elected for first time as in case of Industrial training provided to software freshers by various companies.

Well different brains can give different better ideas so what are you all indians waiting for START POSTING NOW!!!!
This small effort by all true indians may be helpful to our motherland and if implemented we can see a developed India much Early as these Blogs can help in increasing the growth percent of economy to over 10% EVEN MORE THEN CHINA!!!

Your small effort can work wonders for a growing economy like India