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Saturday, February 2, 2013

India - Zero Accountability Nation

Time and again we hear loads of false statements from politicians, Bureaucrats, or any other government personal who is allocated money which is collected as tax. So now the first question which arises in mind of a normal taxpayer of India is that Why are there no laws in place for making these illetrate politicians accountable for whatever they do with a single penny spent by them which is collected as tax? Purchasing votes, instigating Communal riots, stashing part of money abroad, getting higher grant for a project and transferring extra money to tax heavens and bringing them back in their businesses through Mauritius route.. these are few of the methods used by politicians, Bureaucrats for stealing tax-payers money, the worst part is that the system/society/law knows it but the lawmakers are still hot held accountable to people of India for this theft.

India has been converted into a banana republic(which I have already posted earlier read here.) by these non Accountable rulers/politicians/bureaucrats. I strongly feel/state that India can never become corruption free and make its citizens believe in it's foundation as a nation until we make our politicians accountable for whatsoever they do with the tax-payers money, now there are 3 questions which arise in order to help in achieving it?

1. Will this be initiated by the ruling class themselves?
Ans 1. It's a complete 'No' now and probable 'may be' after 50 years from now
2. Is something on lines of Arab spring required to achieve this?
Ans 2. looks like a debatable answer now with it's pros and cons, the only immediate merit of such situation is decrease in number of current corrupt politicians.
3. Adding option of 'none of above' in voting machines?
Ans 3. This looks like fastest method for making India corrupt politicians free, If largest numbers of vote falls in 'none of above' category then the eligibility of all the candidates should be cancelled for rest of life, since answers clearly sends message to Election commission that people of constituency have lost their trust in all of them.