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Saturday, December 4, 2010

India - The land of Scams

It's bit late to post on this topic, and the new crown which India has got 'The land of Scams' but still this title looks pretty new and fresh as we see daily some or other news channel flashing updates of scams in India, If we check history than I think now the era has changed and more scams are directly printed or telecasted.

According to me these scams were common before economic liberalisation of India, Only difference was at that time we had only Government owned and controlled DD national, but now we have lots of private channels which are free to show any scam.

So in case of scams the difference of economic liberalisation or media liberalization is that people are able to know what are corrupt politicians are doing and have been doing since 1947.

One thing is for sure that Indian Politicians are the worst kinda breed of humans ever evolved, I wanted to write dogs instead of humans before but later thought that dogs are faithfule to the one who gives it food so found it unsuitable title.

The Raja's of Tamil Nadu, Badal's of Punjab, Yedu of karnataka tops the list of the worstness in descending order of corruption. Keeping judiciary and CBI in it's pocket and resignation as a weapon to make some other stupid loyal person face for people and carry on bribery, corrupt practices as it is.

With Central Government sleeping and boasting of just GDP number's and nothing else, what a pity for India, PM makes no statements whatsoever except one like 'Madam se pooch kar bataunga', Politics has reached lowest level, but the good news is that media makes people aware of what is happening in politics and people might consider these scams for the next elections and would not vote for the tainted person.

People have lost their faith in electoral system and donot casts vote because there is no politician with clear history, Voting process has meagre 50 percent turnovers and out of fifty percent turnover the candidate who wins 26 percent is elected to Parliament, This scenario haunts me a lot as clearly the person getting 26 percent means 74 percent people donot consider him eligible person to win, I think in voting too their should be consideration of this point and should go for revoking after cancelling candidature of the earlier candidates as ineligible.

Recently I was reading some english daily and came across figure like Britishers looted some 20k crores from India in 150 years and till now Indian Politicians have looted some 70000 crores, without any development activities, The point to remember is that Indian Economy has grown due to business tycoons and not by any government activities except the liberalisation policy, which has helped our PM in getting residence at 7 Race course road.

At last I want to conclude that if same things keep on hapenning without ant concrete action happening to the culprits then some Bhagat Singh kind of person(s) would surely surface to kill these bastards and return some decency to Indian Politics.

Long live India!!