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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Annual India Economy Update (January 2007-January 2008)

Annual India Economy Update: well all the readers of this post would be surprised about the time duration of this annual India Economy Update as it is not based on Financial year which starts in India in March every year but rather it is based on the US financial year which begins in January and ends in december every year on the new year and is according to the Earth's revolutions around sun.

Economy of India in past 1 year has grown at around 8.7% this year which is very healthy rate but is behind the economy growth rate of China which stands at around 11% for same period.

India Economy's growth rate in 2007 remained lower when compared to the growth rate of the previous year but the stock markets remained in constant bull run through out the year with both sensex and Nifty touching new highs. Bombay Stock Exchange managed to rank itself in top 10 stock markets of world in market capitalisation.

Foreign Investors showed a lot of trust in Indian rupee and hence the foreign direct investments reached a new record this year and the trend would continue for next couple of years too.

Indian rupee grew at around 5% in 2007 and hence a lot of exporters were affected as they did not do proper hedging of dollar for minimising the impact of the deteriorating dollar.