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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top 50 online website brands in India

I was just surfing on net and came across this list of 50 most valued websites in India, thought it would also interest my blog readers as is the latest list:

RankWebsite Name search)
2Yahoo mail
5Yahoo search
6Orkut(is on decline though)
9Yahoo movies
12facebook(would probably in top 5 now)
13Yahoo cricket
15Rediff sports
21rediff shopping
23monster india

Sunday, August 29, 2010

RTI act - will it work in land of Goons?

RTI act or Right to Information act for every public undertaking was passed by Congress government to bring transparency in government works which would mean less corruption and the guilty would be given some sort of punishment at a faster pace(not because the legal system would act fast but because the concerned person's corruption act is known early...) however in the time span when this law was passed and today, It has only led to deaths of the RTI activists only, I know that corruption is in blood of every Indian(only the intensity differs). but killing RTI activist just to save image is inhuman, My post on how corruption is in blood of politician can be read by clicking here.

Every day there is some news about killing of RTI activist especially in states where there is more, probably it can only work in bollywood movies like 'well done Abba' where the RTI act was used to bring corruption in public. Now according to me the thing is as soon as an activist come out with a shocking act of corruption through RTI, One copy should be printed in next day's every daily newspaper so that if the Goons(concerned politician) is able to kill that activist the case would become even stronger because media is the one thing which Government takes a bit serious than even the RTI act.

The law for protection about whistleblowers is looking very inaffective still as this is a thing which is against the politicians.

But looking at scenario and Manmohan Singh's, Rahul Gandhi's initiative i feel so that corruption would definitely lesson in coming years but then I feel that if another news about killing of RTI activist comes will surely kick my feeling away.