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Saturday, September 27, 2008

US Recession and effect on India

American international Group popularly known as AIG is world's biggest Insurance provider but it ran into crises in mid september 2008 when it showed signs of cashlessness (having no cash reserve at all). Everyone was surprised when the news of AIG going for sell off came open and it spread like fire in a forest. soon the news reached fed reserve(Federal Bank) and it had no other option then investing in AIG by giving it loan of US$ 85 billion and purchase 80 % stake in world's largest insurance provider.

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The Fall of AIG(American international Group) :

So what was the reason behind cashlessness of world's largest insurance company?? The decline of AIG started after the attack on World trade center's on 9/11 by terrorist groups. AIG used to provide insurance cover to world's biggest organizations and was running soundly until the credit crunch and mortagage crises began to start in US economy, various US investment banks like Lehman Brothers(158 years old institution), Merill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Bear Sterns etc . provides loans in real estate. US public wanted expensive houses which were beyond their budget. US banks gave them loans thinking of gaining more profits from the interest rates which they will get on loan amount however they overlooked the most important condition which was "whether the customer is eligible for purchasing house which was out of the budget for him/her" still they gave the loan which eventually was never returned back to the lender bank.

Now small mortage banks which felt the pinch of credit crises earlier took loans from bigger banks in order to sail their bank to shore in these tough times when their was almost zero income for small mortage banks, now big investment banks like Lehman Brothers, Merill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Bear Sterns gave loan to these much smaller banks which were facing credit crunch at that time thinking that they will get batter rewards for the investments made in mortagage banks.

To insure their loan to smaller banks they insured their investment with insurance company AIG in particular. Since AIG was dealing with much bigger banks the risks were even higher for insurance companies like American international Group(AIG). Now bigger investment banks never got their money back from smaller mortagage banks and their amount was dead. so the bigger banks could not pay the premiums to insurance companies and this was the time when insurance companies started helping them according to the terms and conditions of the insurance type done with the banks, during this time there was no source of income for insurance companies like AIG.

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This was the time when the cash reserve of Insurance companies reached almost nil. Investment banks which had invested in Credit crunch facing mortage banks were already on verge of bankruptcy. US citizens lost their faith on Financial Institutions and began to sell their shares, the environment of investment bank stocks was discouraging. Share Markets all over the globe felt the heat and all the major indices including DJIA, Standard and Poor index, NASDAQ, BSE, NSE felt drastically.

Hence Federal Reserve bank had to act fast to control the situation and offered loan of US$85 billion to the AIG for improving it's financial conditions, due to this act Fed reserve acted as last hope for many other banks.

Looking at present uncertainity the US government has made an announcement for providing a US$700 billion package to the financial market so that the US $ remains the strongest US economy in future too. but their has been resentment in citizens of USA when they heard about the news that US government is pumping money earned from taxes into the Financial Market to control global uncertainities .

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my fingers are crossed when it comes to question "will supremacy of US $ continue after worst economic depression after the depression of 1929". lets wait and see how things unfold in coming couple of months.

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