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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anna hazare - Freedom fighter of 21st century

Scenario - With corruption and bribery reaching all time high and corrupt politicians being treated as above law by congress government, It was perfect time for a true patriotic indian to stand against it and rest assure that all of the common people are always with him, The timing of Anna Hazare and people of India to stand against the ruling goons is perfect and thus the goons upon seeing the rising against corruption had no other alternative then agree to demands. I love Anna Hazare and all the people who came forward to support him and shake congress government's foundation. Which probably is the most corrupt government which India has ever seen.

Positives - The demand for drafting the lokpal bill by including people from civil society is met and the culprits would be behind bars within two years of time and refund the money to nation, I think they should also designate such politician as desh drohi and kick his/her ass out of Indian mainland , Another thing which I personally feel that the corrupt politician should be kept in jail of Andaman and nicobar islands (Kaala Paani).

It has also proved that there is presently lots of anger in common people against the government and there is no power greater than power of common people combined together. Recently we heard that a lady killed MLA which was also a right step in freeing our nation from corrupt politicians. It also provides a very good platform for common people to make their voice heard in Indian political system.

We love ANNA HAZARE and all the supporters who cam forward against the barbaric act of corruption, running from last 63 years in India.

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