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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lady kills MLA - Good Revolt against rising politicians is onthe cards - freedom

As I read a top newspaper online came across the news of murder of a BJP MLA of Bihar by a women who claims was raped repeatedly by MLA using his political influence whatsoever.

I liked the news very much as now MLA are not even safe while along the people they know or along the people who are afraid of them due to their political stature. I can smell the anger in the minds of common man against politicians coming out through this very incidence and it might become a national phenomenon for getting freedom from corrupt politicians of India, which have crossed all the boundaries of decency and have certainly moved out of common's man silence zone.

All the other BJP MLA's of Bihar would be very frightened as they might also meet same dog's end if carrying out same practices in Bihar atleast. The time looks perfect for people's revolt against the corrupt politicians and finally finish such politicians as law will not able to do anything substantial to save the country from such maneater politicians. Who doesn't feel ashamed while seeing their bloody face in mirror every morning.

I recall the incident shown in movie Rang de Basanti where a corrupt minister got what he deserved at end, I mean death by mob. I think if 2-3 such incidences happen with corrupt politicians then the others would definitly become more human in governing the country and working for people upliftment.

Te worst thing about Indian corrupt politicians is that they dont want people of india to get literate as they feel frightened thinking that if people will able to decide good or bad for themselves then under no circumstance they can be elected, These Bas****s politicians of india should get the same type of death, so that other's which are corrupt or use their powers for Sexual abuse, murders etc would become godfearing and now I think the time is not far when we would be reading such news more often.

Indians are rising and understanding need of the hour for sure...kudos to the lady who has ignited the spark for ending corrupt politicians.

There is no political power stronger then MOB...Long live India