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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cost of Indian MP's | Money spent details per head

Indian Politics is thought as the most dirty political system in whole world and rightly so. With over 70 percent criminals sitting inside house enjoying taxpayers money as allowances and above that thinking that they deserve this allowance for not doing anything....

In this post I would throw some light on amount of Taxpayers money spent on Member of Parliament, Well this is no hidden fact that they purchase votes for coming into power and have nothing to do with educated class of citizens in India as they know they would purchase poors vote and come into power..and then cover up their polling expenses from taxpayers money(which is collected from educated class of citizens), hence broadly people from where MP's earn their livelihood are the ones for which Indian MP's are least bothered. One can recall average assets of 304 MPs who contested in 2004 and then re-contested in 2009 grew 300% SHAME ON MP's.

Here is amount of money spent by people of India on MP's most of them having criminal charges framed against them.

According to latest salary figures of MP's: Indian Members of Parliament voted themselves a threefold hike in their basic salary, from Rs 16,000 to Rs 50,000 and constituency allowance to 40,000 pm add to it stationary allowance of 40000. Indian MPs will thus receive an assured income of Rs 1.3 lakh a month. For many 10th grade people this amount is simply too much....but wait the allowances doesnot end here and it is just a starter in their 3 course fat meal.

MP’s wage is tax-free and comes with additional perquisites such as free petrol, free telephone calls and free housing, some of it in the most expensive real estate in the country’s capital. Most household expenses – furniture, electricity, water, laundry - is also paid for by the State. MPs can travel anywhere in the country by rail, first class, and get 34 free air tickets for themselves or a companion a year. MPs also get a daily allowance of Rs 1,000 per day to attend Parliament ( so they do a walkout everyday...:). MP's pocket Rs 2 crore a year to spend on development of their constituencies as they see fit. Which directly goes to their pockets and hardly come out, they might make their next election expenses from this money....

India is infact a funny country in which Indian MPs have unparalled freedom to fix their own salaries and perks. In France and Japan, salaries of MPs are determined in relation to the salaries of the highest paid bureaucrats. In india Member Parliament who has a defence equipment business is allowed to be on a defence committee which formulates defence policy and a parliamentarian who has aviation interests to be on a civil aviation committee, thereby making policy changes which benefit them individually. Also MP is entitled to pension even if he has spent just one day in Parliament. MP's interest free vehicle loan limit is increased from 100000 to 400000.

This all is given to MP's and their is no appraisal process for checking their performance and making them accountable for thei ill-performance. Is it morally correct?? I dont think so...