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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Rupee Updates-Rupee V/S Dollar daily price

India Economy is Growing daily and Indian Rupee has made it's position strong so i thought to publish daily dollar price after conversion to Indian Rupee. So that every one can know about the present trends of Indian Rupee and hence Indian Economy. However it is not possible for me to update the value hourly so the rates would be after the stock market transactions end for te day, later on i can provide you with hourly updates on India Economy. for time being the latest updates would be at around 6:00 pm IST daily.

Day/Date/Conversion Price(1 dollar in INR)/Remarks: (All enteries would be in same sequence respectively):

MONDAY/31-12-07/ 39.29/ up ^ 0.14 (at 6:40 pm IST)

FRIDAY/28-12-07/39.43/ up ^0.14(at 6.58 pm IST)

WEDNESDAY/26-12-07/39.57/down 0.20(at 7:23 pm IST)

TUESDAY/25-12-07/39.37/down 0.01(at 11:00pm IST)

MONDAY/24-12-07/39.36/down 0.02(at 6:00pm IST)

SUNDAY/ 23-12-07/39.34/down 0.06(at 8:59 pm IST)

FRIDAY/ 21-12-07/39.29/ up^0.26 (at 7:04 pm IST)

THURSDAY/ 20-12-07/39.55/ up^0.02

WED/ 19-12-07/ 39.57/ no change