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Friday, July 24, 2009

Top 10 most admired companies of world

Here is the list of top 10 companies of the world which are most admired across the globe No indian company features in the prestigeous list-

RANK 1 - APPLE Inc (of USA)

RANK 2 - BERKSHIRE HATHWAY - incorporated by legendary billionaire investor Warren Buffett


RANK 4 - GOOGLE Inc (Search engine Marketing)







OOPS!! looking for some indian companies.... no one is there...may be in future some indian company would make into it..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Govt invests to bring dead PSU's to life again WILL IT HELP?

Looks like our government is very keen to revive the already dead PSU's like Hindustan Machine Tool, National Instruments Ltd, Cement Corporation of India ltd to name 3 out of the 15 PSU's shortlisted for revival by infusing a whopping 7128 crores of rupees put together. The first impression which cam to my mind after reading this news was that WILL IT REALLY HELP? and the answer i got from my brain was that probably ministers would earn a lot from the granted money and would purchase land and fill their bank accounts...

The PSU's which are already dead was because there was no good leaders to make it a profitable investment the employees of these PSU's were doing their job thinking that it's a government job so they need not work...(typical attitude of a government employee in india).. Companies doesn't work like this at all.. PSU's can only come in profit if it's employees think and work like it is their own company not by thinking that it's a government enterprise so it's a social company rather then a business enterprise.

PSU's like Air India is already begging for funds and what more the third biggest employer BSNL recently showed results and there was a whopping 97 % decline in profits from 2700 crores to meager 102 crore so in next six month BSNL (PSU) will also be running in loss (THAT IS REAL SHAME FOR THE GOVERNMENT AND THE EMPLOYEES OF BSNL) .

There is a similarity in working of the PSU's at time when there was no other such enterprise , i am just going back to pre economic liberalisation era of Economy of India all the PSU's were in profit , the reason for profit however was that people of India did not have any other choice take example of BSNL earlier there was no AIRTEL, Essar, Spice telecom, IDEA cellular etc and BSNL was enjoying it's monopoly in telecom sector employees didn't work at that time too... but customers had no other option so the number of subscribers went on increasing... things changed when Indian Economy was liberalized there were more choices for the people and alltogether competition between PSU's and Private companies increased , but PSU employees didn't change change their way of working and are still sleeping This was the time when Private companies ate up PSU's share and overtook almost all the PSU's in terms of revenue and profitability.

So according to me accompanied with the history of working of PSU's this funding to revive the PSU's will not be beneficial and the scenario and outlook for PSu's would not change at all. THEY ARE ON A STEADY DECLINE and would eventually vanish one day... that's the HARD TRUTH...which we all have to admit until the employees of these PSU's do not change their attitude towards working.

- Himanshu Sharma

Monday, July 20, 2009

Foreign Direct Investment (FD|) drops whopping 47 percent

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in India dipped by about 47 per cent to $2.1 billion in May due to the global recession and the trend is likely to continue for some more months, so it means recession is still at it's best and it looks US stock markets are also behaving in the similar fashion ie still the beast is out there roaming freely across the globe. OR IS IT NOT?

In present situation Indian economy is looking promising as government plans some one crore job oppurtunities in ongoing fiscal THATS GREAT NEWS i'hve heard after a long time from our government but still i wonder how these oppurtunities would be created...

During the same month last year, FDI was $3.9 billion so that's a difference of a good US$ 1.8 billion. However it can be recalled that FDI in 2008-09 was $27.3 billion against $24.5 billion in 2007-08.