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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Indian Politics - we can't even trust wikileaks

With the rise of wikileaks(website created with aim of making the governments transparent) as a website indian political parties took their false blackmailing to wikileaks too. Indian political parties have even corrupted Wikileaks as now one cannot trust wikileaks for Indian cables as there is most probable false data which is leaked just for creating a roar in parliament session.

Recently an opposition party made a uproar in parliament over money for MP scam which later was cleared by manmohan singh that it was false and guided opposition to stop such kind of ridiculous allegations which are having no base at all.

This is a very serious matter according to me as it corrupts a very good website like wikileaks.

Pour in your comments for the same and maybe we will get to some conclusion about the same and about the level of indian politics presently.

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