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Thursday, May 3, 2012

India - Banana republic in making?

Again posting after a long time, but the time is most important ingredient for this post, It is about Indian politico-economic scenario and is it right to call India a Banana Republic? The answer acccording to me is yes India can be called a Banana republic, ok now you must be asking why? This post would explain it. Firstly a brief about term - 'Banana Republic', A banana republic is term given by O.henry for a country that has ruling plutocracy of Business, politics and military/police and judiciary. ie private exploitation of public properties and debt incurred is public responsibility..and these Indian politicians have helped in making India fit to be called a Banana republic.

There are numerous examples where indian politicians and business houses have exploited the public resources, They obviously cant be put behind bars because in a Banana republic all three segments, politicians, businessmen, police/military works for each other rather then for people, hence this politicians and businessmen nexus is impossible to break. Now you might be thinking why this nexus is impossible to break? - The answer is rather simple police would be used to torture person who initiates anything against this nexus. The other important question which comes to our mind is how to put an end to it, In a banana republic misrepresentations about data by govt offices can never end. This business/politicians nexus is used by big companies to stifle growth of newcomers into their domain, I would explain it with example- One of the biggest Indian businesss houses imported some yarn when the excise duty on the yarn was 5 percent, he stocked his warehouses well, and then using his political connections the very next day he told delhi to raise excise duty on that yarn to 25 percent, Delhi did it happily since the power of doing resides with them. Now the other players of yarn industry imported by paying 25 percent duty, They also know about the reason for increase in duty suddenly without any need/req for such increase, but because these small players are not strong enough, they cant do anything, Now the biggest player sold the yarn in India at 125 INR/unit thus other players become bankrupt as they are not in position to price their goods at that rate. Such tactics are used by biggest Indian businesses for stiffling competition using Economic/political connections. This nexus yields to never ending corruptioncases - Take 2G scam - Do you think something concrete would come out of the judiciary? I highly doubt so...2G scam case is a never ending case just like fodder scam or numerous other scams.

Due to this nexus Indian economy has become inbalanced and such imbalanced economy devaluates currency considerably. The country is ineligible for international development-credit, and remains limited by the uneven economic development of town and country, In a banana republic government servants exploit their posts for personal gains. All the points where public money is collected directly like Toll plazas, electricity department, PWD would rarely go showing profits because part of revenue earned goes to politicians, higher officials etc. Also in Banana republic nation like India government budget deficit repaid by the native working people who “earn money”, rather than “make money”. Isn't it shocking...actually it is disturbing! - you are reading, thanks for visiting! Indian Political class is rather funny - When a govt agency puts 2G losses at 176000 crores and an ignorant cabinet minister(who basically has notion that he is most brainy indian) puts that figure to ZERO!!...hahahaha Another aspect of Banana republic which India fulfills diligently is that we have an unaccountable government, Parliamentarians are usually up for sale and function as ceremonial government. With rich becoming even richer and Poor more poorer by each passing day.

When Civil society raises their voice, the politicians try to stifle their voices (again by using Police/force) like the case of Ramlila ground in delhi. The irony is these ignorant politicians think they are masters in making policies but actual scenario is when a real brainy person speaks to them then they simply look like asses in front of him. In my personal view -'Five senior cabinet leaders looks like asses when compared to intellect level of Arwind kejriwal' for sure. The business houses are looting government which is looting Indian taxpayers money(after giving politicians their share) and grow even taller in India. Thus for concluding this never ending debate on Is India a true Banana republic? - and my answer to it is YES!
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