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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Barkha Dutt conversation with Nira Radia

Following is link to Nira Radia conversation with NDTV'S Barkha Dutt over issue of telecom ministry allocations, Acc to tapes Barkha Dutt is acting as mediator between government and corporates through Radia.
The authenticity of tapes is still not certain, but it would never be as laboratories which test tapes and other recordings would never say any thing about ruling party because they dont want their business to end. So enjoy the audio.

Barkha Dutt conversation with Nira Radia

Monday, September 5, 2011

The reason for rise of Private companies

I always wondered that post economic reforms, there has been great rise in revenues of private indian companies rather then Government companies which ruled before liberalisation of economy in 1991-92.

So what went wrong with Government companies??

There are lot of reasons for decreasing revenues of government companies ranging from vote-banks, politicians investments in private companies and job reservations for vooing votebank in favour. I would try to explain how these are the reasons for decrease in revenues of government companies with examples, however your views about the same are most welcome.

Since Politicians have lot of non-accountable money or what is known as black money they found it a good method and oppurtunity to invest in private companies via their relatives, companies on name of their servants, through Dubai route etc into the private companies which came up during post liberalization era. One example is former NCP leader and aviation minister who has stake in Indigo airlines and we all know what these corrupt politicians did to indian flagship carrier Air India (you can read my post titled Murder of Air India). Removing Air india from profitable routes was one decision taken by politicians for killing Air india.

The second main reason for degradation of Government companies is reservation. Reservation is the biggest plague which hinders government owned companies and until reservation is not stopped and candidates for jobs are elected on merit basis, we cant expect revenue to increase. There is a reason for this too. A person who is not capable at all (not because he doesn't have brain, but because he doesnot do any hard work because he knows that he has reservation and would surely get the job in government company and he stops working at all after getting job) This is the major reason according to me due to which BSNL is in loss while all the other telecom companies who doesnot have any reservations are making huge profits.

I came across one funny thing about exam setting in 2015:

New Exam Pattern in...INDIA (2015) 1) General student : Answer all Questions. It's compulsory. 2) OBC student: Answer ANY 5 out of 10 Questions. 3) SC : ONLY READ the questions. 4) ST : Thanks for coming to the Exam Hall.

It looks real hilarious isn't it?

Since Private companies doesnot have any reservations in jobs and elect a person on pure merit hence revenues are increasing many folds. We should be thankful to indian IT companies, private companies who respect people with merit and simply rejected government's demand of reservation in private sector. These private companies are today showing intellect power of general category and people who are capable of working hard and innovative in every aspect. Hence now government employees can never match with the high efficiency of general category and people who get job by merit and not by reservation.