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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Castration - Only way in preventing rapes in North India

While the south India is famous for intellectual ability, Northern part is notoriously famous for their ability of raping females openly without any fear of concrete rape laws in place. The idea of my post has gathered enough steam after the recent rape of 23 year old by 6 guys with high rape intellect ability. A common phenomenon found among males residing/working/passing in/through delhi.

The words of Winston Churchill appeared in front of my eyes again and it read: "When ever we leave India it would be run by Goons" and my god it is! The whole problem starts because of weak civil laws, No time frame for judicial cases..ever increasing society divide between girl and boy child, dwindling sex ratio numbers in north india.Political class doing nothing as still none of them have been raped. May be they might make concrete and fast laws for punishing the convicted rapists. The whole problem actually originates from the social structure where males are given more respect then the females in North India, I have lived for nearly 5 years in southern part too and I respect the social structure of south India then the North india.

The effect of British raj's effort of degrading social structure is now visible in almost 80-90 percent of population of Delhi, There is no respect shown to females what so ever!! . Situation has become such worse that only fear of law can prevent such acts from occurring. When the Rapists are doing the act there is no fear at all in their minds about the law..I repeat NO FEAR OF LAW IN THEIR MINDS WHILE RAPING/EVETEASING !!

Another reason is over protecting politicians, The ratio of a police personal/1000 people is not even one which makes prevention of such crimes impossible as majority of policemen are busy in serving/protecting politicians.