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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The land of negativity - India (Time for Change)

This thread might look very negative(from the heading) but the main motive while typing is to change the way a normal Indian citizen thinks. According to me the definition of a normal Indian citizen(Aam aadmi) is a person who uses very little of his own brain. for example a person who purchases same 2 wheeler as purchased by his neighbor, who is n rat race imitating others, Whose perception towards a product is made by the article(paid review) which is printed by top indian newspaper like TOI, HT or whatsoever. A person who thinks that a film done by Akshay Kumar, SRK, Sallu will always be Hit material.

People who have become negative thinkers after reading and watching all the negative news which keep on airing 24 hours a day, When I personally see a news channel the first impression is that there is nothing positive happening in India. Watching these news 24 hours a day affects the brain of already dumb people who donot have brains of their own for application.

Ok now I come directly to the culprit number 1 in promoting negativity in thinking of a Normal Indian person, INDIAN MEDIA HOUSES(which includes all the major English Daily, their TV news channels etc etc), The similarity between each and every news channel is that they always show dirty and Cheap news (which projects India as a hell for living to other countries), Topping the list of worst reporting is the English daily which sells the most copies, I can't write the name but by now all of the readers surely know which English Daily I am reffering to.

News like scam, rape, corruption against the politician who might have rejected some proposal of a media house and when settlement between media house and politician is done the news go offAir and motive of media houses is complete, India as a country is hated most by Media Houses.

Paid articles just for publicity of a crap product and misguiding the stupid Indian common Indian citizen. Shoddy Journalism like the one shown by another news channel during 26/11 Mumbai Attacks and then sending notice to the blogger who raised voice against it for deleting the post. And normal person who has know brain of himself just considers "whatsoever is printed is correct" is fooled.

The main point which I want to display here is that - Indians who are rising and Increasing the GDP numbers just DONOT GIVE A DAMM TO THESE PRINT MEDIA HOUSES, and those who follow them are stupid indian common man.

I have never read a news like "Education minister opens 10 new schools" on the front page of any news paper or TV news channel, because this media has already washed the thinking ability of stupid common man, which has become like a moron and is living a life which is governed by someone else, and the rat race which is prevelant through out India.

At last I want to conclude that people who are rising donot listen to any such stupid news channel or Print media, and one who are addicted to Indian Media and make their decisions after reading some stupid reviews are the one with negativity.

Do add your comments about how you feel about the same andw can start the discussion in comments.