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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Indian Budget Projections shattered by US economic recession

Indian budget projections are likely to be shattered by the slowdown in US economy or probably it's recession and government has to make new projections keeping the condition of US economic changes in mind becoz indian economy is governed more or less by US economy, CPI(M) on Saturday demanded immediate halt to futures trading in all essential commodities to contain inflation and corrective measures for the stability of the rupee.

"In order to check speculation and inflation, futures trading must be stopped in all essential commodities though the government has removed pulses, wheat and rice from the purview of forward market due to our pressure," CPI-M Politburo member Sitaram Yechury described.

Stating that the US has officially admitted that its economy was going through rough times, he said, recession, falling value of Dollar and growing unemployment in America would have adverse impact on India and the government must initiate corrective measures to tackle the situation.

Observing that Rupee has appreciated by 13 per cent during the past one year, he said decline in exports and manufacturing sector coupled with badly hit IT and textile sectors would cause considerable loss of jobs.

He said that such a situation has put the projections in the union budget into uncertainties.

It may also be noticed that CPI(M) are also against the nuclear deal and want the indian government to abundan it, they are organising a meeting to discuss the Indo-American nuclear deal on 17th of this month in delhi with government officials.

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