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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indian Political class - pre Independence and now

Winston Churchill once said "when ever we leave India, It would be ruled by the goons" and looking at present condition of the country and deeds of the political class. The statement is proved true even after 67 years after gaining independence. When an officer halts illegal activity then the ruling class dismisses the officer and dictates to ruling party that if they say anything against the decision then the support of their MP's in Parliament would be taken back. Every person in power rules their people rather then administering efficiently for their upliftment. PreIndependence era was 100 times better wrto law and order, implementation of laws and another merit about British era was that we were much better placed in transport sector in pre independence era, train journey from Ambala cantt to Amritsar took 4 hrs then and it still takes 4 hrs in superfast class of trains....isn't it shameful.

In India a major portion of the votes which are given is often purchased by the candidates(who have deep pockets filled with money which they gulped in their last term). Majority of the people put votes by keeping their castes in mind and making as goon win elections(from their own cast), rather then choosing a candidate with clean image. Some percentage of Indian voters are really really foolish(according to me) as we can clearly see around 30 percent of criminals representing people, These criminals would never ever be convicted because as they say "supremacy of parliament should be maintained" and they are above the law. This bloody notion that Parliament is above all other institutions(even the constitution) is helping in shielding the criminals/corrupt people who have reached there by hook/crook and muscle power.

The whole bloody system is corrupt, people are sleeping, Political class is doing nothing for country as various initiatives which were good for country like "Hum do hamare do" for controlling population is no more advertised and is informally taken back by the government with the sole reason being that if population is controlled and people start studying till the level when they can understand things good for country then they would root out the present political class, So why hit your own feet with axe. When Politicians follow approach of "Divide and Rule" over people rather then unite them together for the country, Looks like the political class have put country up for sale, everything can be purchased here votes, goons, riots, disharmony, and we are thaught that britishers played "Divide and Rule". I still think that if Britain didn't go bankrupt after second world war then they would have administered us for a longer duration and we would have been technologically ahead by atleast ten years as of now.

I still firmly believe this country needs a revolution against corrupt political class, so that we can maintain the rich history we possesed, rather then saying britishers took it all away, whereas actually it's the political class which is taking it all away from the country and selling the country to foreign hands. I somwtimes wonder about why in USA the party which wins the election and forms government is termed as 'Administration' whereas in India we are 'ruled' by the politicians which we elect. God save this country because if some offcial wants to do right he/she is transferred/suspended (for example Ashok Khemka and Durga nagpal), there would be many others which the media class is not paid for to highlight.

GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY from going to the gallows!! JAI HIND!!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

IT Industry - set variable component proportional to (USD rate+proj profit margins)

IT industry is the only bright spot if we see rise of Indian economy over last 5-6 years, rest I don't think there is any other sector which stands apart barring maybe we can say auto sector where India is trying hard to become hub for small cars(but that still has long way to go). The Indian IT sector has shown the nation and the government "power of general class". Since government is playing vote bank politics by giving reservations and killing competition(which is infact even more important in rising of good breed of officials and bureaucrats).

With no reservations at all and jobs based on merit and knowledge, IT industry has shown the nation and political class the power of general class. With good salary packages to performing individuals it has been truly competitive economic sector. Other advantage with the IT sector is it's billing model, as it bills the employees in USD's but pays in INR, thus the IT companies enjoys high profit margins, and this rises when rupee value falls in international markets.

In this post actually I thought of why not Indian IT companies change their compensation model where variable component of an employee should vary with exchange rate of US dollar and project profit margins. I think this would help in bringing even more competitiveness in employees for making project rating better in order to increase their variable component and thus their take-home. Their are/mightbe limitations for this billing model with respect to daily exchange rate fluctuations, but for that case we can see the average for a quarter of year or the variable pay cycle applicable(so that employees might not feel cheated or underpaid). This model would raise the work done by the payroll department though.

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So in this way of calculating employee compensation I come to following formula:
So employee Compensation = fixed compensation(80%) + variable part{(proj profit* USD rate/project employee strength) + (employee client feedback)}
Does it make sense?
Presently employee variable is not affected by prevailing rate hence margins of IT companies rise even with lesser number of new projects, buit employee feels cheated over forex gain made by the IT company. What do you think about this model? leave your comments for in favour or not so good model, or flaws which might come in practical use.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fundamentally weak economy like India can never grow as policies affect

In last couple of decades in world economic history, only one country stands out ie 'CHINA', In developing it's highly competitive manufacturing based economy especially in Consumer electronics and in all the sectors, China has become lone manufacturing hub of the world. You see any thing and it's 'MADE IN PRC' written all over it. Indian economy has never cleared even the heats to compete among the top manufacturing countries.

Recent turmoil in Indian economy (with USD reaching 61 INR levels) is a testimony to fundamentally weak economy. We can boast only of services sector alone, but services sector can never be considered as helpful in creating a fundamentally strong economy. Indian market has become a puppet in hands of foreign players and government an agent in helping them establish their footprint.

Other thing which adversly add's to fundamentally weak economy is the high level corruption which prevents foreign companies to invest in India. When Indian government wanted to dis-invest some stake of PSU recently, there were hardly any takers for the freed share. This is because FII's fear that government would sleep and do nothing in making the employees of PSU's competent. Union ministers donot give clearance to Foreign projects until their portion of bribe has been transferred, social groups come in for halting the development of a financially weaker area etc etc.

Many of the small scale manufacturing units have closed down in recent past only because instead of making their own products they are now acting as import agent and have starting importing their products from China, this has effected manufacturing capacity of Indian economy very badly, there are job losses(direct and in-direct job loss). recently one of my relatives who is manager of a company which is into Container manufacturing business noted that, the container which has least manufacturing cost of 2.25 lac's when manufactured in India, can be imported from china with all inclusive price(shipping, import duty etc) of 1.75 lac's. This has further hampered growth of heavy industrial goods manufacturing in India. Prices in India is higher due to corruption in the working system of the country.

We are unable to feed our people using our own products as our manufacturing has slowed down wrto growth of the population. This probably because political class hardly cares about the country instead they are busy filling their own coffins. This is proved when recently central government put a ban on onion export as prices in country are rising because of rains in Maharashtra's onion producing region, but coalition partner disagreed with center's decision citing that it would destroy India as competitive agro exporter in world(Pathetic logic as native citizen has first right on country's resources and farm produce), so when we have such species of politicians present, It looks very difficult for Indian economy to become fundamentally strong and we can never think that our exports would surpass our imports in coming years, until government focuses on local manufacturing and rises import duty without thinking of their individual benefits before nation's.

A weak manufacturing economy an never be fundamentally strong economy and people should not live with notion that our economy is fundamentally strong.
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Businessman-politician-bureaucrats nexus and RTI implication

Greetings from Indiaassuperpower, One stop blog on rising corruption in India and social evils.

Recently we came to know about the afraidness of Indian political parties for coming under ambit of RTI act. It felt nice to me when I saw that atleast the political parties can also be afraid of something, in the land where half of the country is run by judgments of Supreme court and Politicians thinking themselves above law.

One of the reason for this reluctance for comin into ambit of RTI act is basically EGO problem that says to each of every MP of India from within "Hey! I am the one who votes in making a law for masses , how come such law be applicable to me, IT JUST CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME" sounds really funny for these mind ignorant few who make laws/amend laws for their betterment.

There are many demerits for bringing Political parties under RTI which would directly affect the money suction capacity of party members (until they find new way of gulping money), The major problem which political parties would surely face if they come under RTI is that such move would expose the BUSINESS-MAN - POLITICIAN - BUREAUCRATS NEXUS, actually one doesnot need to be super intelligent in understanding the working of the businessman-politician-bureaucrats nexus which works together in eating Natural resources of the country and tax evasion activities.

Here I would explain in breif how does this BUSINESS-MAN - POLITICIAN - BUREAUCRATS nexus works-

A cash rich businessmen wants to start new business(or expand present business), he wants to import some raw material from abroad(which presently attracts import duty of lets say 20 percent), he contacts a in power politician of leading political party to decrease import duty to 1 percent(until his imports arrive). The politician changes the import duty (after he gets few crores as party fund from the businessmen), In this time warehouses are stocked up by ample raw material and the ministry is told to raise the import duty back to 20 percent. This moves stifles competition as others cant have the advantage of the 19 percent import duty reduction. Now imagine if Political party comes under RTI, this whole money exchanges would become public and more scams/favouritism would unearthen(which currently goes unnoticed). Now if the politician himself has stake in company then money transfer might not be required as profits of such move are shared between owners of business.

So I strongly feel that such move would never be legally implemented as it would affect bread and Butter of political parties, as we say in hindi 'Apne hi pet par laat kaun maarega'

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Put restriction(limit) on Private property for curbing corruption

Greetings from IndiaAsSuperPower, a blog on Indian political system and corruption engulfing it.

With India becoming hotspot in Asian corruption index and Political corruption reaching all time high values, here I propose a different method for curbing the menace of corruption which can be summed up in one line as

"Put a restriction limit on private property which an individual can purchase"

India is land of 'equivalent black money' with this I mean it has official economy worth some 1.5 trillion and same value black economy running in parallel. This 'black money' is responsible for abnormal inflation, rise in Realty and other prices which affect poor and lower middle class more then anybody else, The worst affected are ones who earn less then 10,000 INR per month

Resources are very limited in India be it Land, minerals, water etc and current scenario is that rich are laundering the resources for their use and blocking them, thus preventing equal distribution between masses. Land resources is most sought of resource for the rich(those who have black money in store for them). A influential businessman in India has acres of land in his name(commercial, farmhouses, kothi, bunglow, agricultural land) because purchasing land is most easy way of using the black money(which is earned by not giving taxes, or by paying Income tax officials their share for keeping their mouth shut).

I strongly believe that there should be limit on private land owned by a family, like 500 sqyd house limit for a couple. This step would help in decreasing the amount of black money circulating in Indian economy because people would think the black money has lesser value now as their limit for property investment is over and they can't purchase anything new on their name as such move would attract a government inquiry into their assets. Other very good initiative for controlling black money in realty is to make government circle rates more then the prevailing market rates in the circle.

Most of the black money holders have huge amount of land banks in their names/driver's name etc. Thus putting a limit on private property possession to (500 sq yard max) is most important factor in preventing corruption. I dont know why government of India doesnot pass a bill which implements 'residential land for all'?

Putting a restriction of private property would also help in keeping real-estate prices in check as Real-estate prices escalate as politicians/bureaucrats/businessmen purchase insane amount of land bank in urban areas, thus creating an artificial boom(which Indian Realty market is currently into)

So what do you feel about this proposal/idea of 'Put Restriction(limit) on Private property', do leave a comment for a healthy conversation.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

India - Zero Accountability Nation

Time and again we hear loads of false statements from politicians, Bureaucrats, or any other government personal who is allocated money which is collected as tax. So now the first question which arises in mind of a normal taxpayer of India is that Why are there no laws in place for making these illetrate politicians accountable for whatever they do with a single penny spent by them which is collected as tax? Purchasing votes, instigating Communal riots, stashing part of money abroad, getting higher grant for a project and transferring extra money to tax heavens and bringing them back in their businesses through Mauritius route.. these are few of the methods used by politicians, Bureaucrats for stealing tax-payers money, the worst part is that the system/society/law knows it but the lawmakers are still hot held accountable to people of India for this theft.

India has been converted into a banana republic(which I have already posted earlier read here.) by these non Accountable rulers/politicians/bureaucrats. I strongly feel/state that India can never become corruption free and make its citizens believe in it's foundation as a nation until we make our politicians accountable for whatsoever they do with the tax-payers money, now there are 3 questions which arise in order to help in achieving it?

1. Will this be initiated by the ruling class themselves?
Ans 1. It's a complete 'No' now and probable 'may be' after 50 years from now
2. Is something on lines of Arab spring required to achieve this?
Ans 2. looks like a debatable answer now with it's pros and cons, the only immediate merit of such situation is decrease in number of current corrupt politicians.
3. Adding option of 'none of above' in voting machines?
Ans 3. This looks like fastest method for making India corrupt politicians free, If largest numbers of vote falls in 'none of above' category then the eligibility of all the candidates should be cancelled for rest of life, since answers clearly sends message to Election commission that people of constituency have lost their trust in all of them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Funny Cricket dose - Indian Dressing Room after Pak lose

Following is fictious conversation of Indian dressing room after ODI loss to Pakistan :)  enjoy and share

रोहित: मैच के साथ साथ सीरिज़ भी हार गए आज!

धोनी: क्या बात है.. शाबाश लड़के.. बल्लेबाज़ी तेरी कितनी भी घटिया हो, Observation power कमाल की है! 

रोहित: यार आज तो मैं खेला ही नहीं, आज तो मुझे मत बोल. इन सबने घटिया बल्लेबाज़ी की, इनको बोल! 

सहवाग: मुँह संभाल के बात कर रोहित, मेरी पारी ठीक थी. गंभीर: रहने दे वीरू, हम वहीं थे. आधे रन तो तेरे Overthrow से बन रहे थे.

सहवाग: गौती, तेरी तरह बोल्ड तो नहीं हुआ, विकेट तो बच गई!

धोनी: बस करो यार… तुम मियाँ- बीवी दोनों को अगले मैच से निकाल देते हैं. तसल्ली से बाहर बैठ कर लड़ना.

सहवाग: दिल्ली मे मैच है माही, दिल्ली के लड़के तो खेलेंगे.

धोनी: हाँ, दिल्ली के लड़के तो खेलेंगे, विराट और ईशांत.. दिल्ली के अंकल लोग बाहर बैठेंगे.

सहवाग: ये लड़के?? (कोहली की तरफ इशारा करते हुए) चीकू ने क्या उखाड़ लिया था आज, वाइड बॉल पर आउट हुआ.

कोहली: क्या वीरू भाई, मेरी जगह पर तो नज़र मत डालो.. मेरी क्या ग़लती है, पता ही नहीं था कि ये अकमल भी कैच वैच लेने लग गया है.

जडेजा: किसी को कुछ पता नहीं था कैसे रन बनाने हैं, मैने फालतू मे इतनी अच्छी गेंदबाज़ी की.

युवराज: साला यही दिन देखना बाकी रह गया था कि जडेजा भी ताना मारे!

जडेजा: युवी भाई, आज मेरी तरफ से कोई कमी नहीं थी. आज तो बनता है.

युवराज: चल भाई, तेरा दिन है आज.. जैसे नासिर जमशेद का था.

रैना: यार ये नासिर का पता करवाओ, इसका क्या बिगाड़ा है हमने जो हर मैच मे लेने लग जाता है.

धोनी: क्या पता करवाना है यार, ऐसे ऐसे गेंदबाज़ हों तो कोई भी सर चढ़ कर ले सकता है.

रहाने: कोई नहीं सर, जो हुआ सो हुआ. अगले मैच मे देख लेंगे उनको.

धोनी: तू तो 2 मैच से देख ही रहा है, और कितना देखेगा. अब खेलने की तैयारी कर. चलो अब सब अपना सामान संभालो और होटल जा कर सो जाओ. अगले मैच की रणनीति दिल्ली जा कर बनायँगे. (भुवनेश्वर कुमार का उठा हुआ हाथ देख कर) हाँ कुमार, क्या हुआ?

भुवनेश्वर कुमार: सर जब से टीम मे आया हूँ, एक बात पूछना चाहता था…

धोनी: हाँ हाँ, पूछ!

कुमार: ये पुतला किसका रखा रहता है हर ड्रेसिंग रूम मे?

धोनी: अबे पुतला नहीं, कोच है हमारा. डंकन फ्लेचर!