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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Businessman-politician-bureaucrats nexus and RTI implication

Greetings from Indiaassuperpower, One stop blog on rising corruption in India and social evils.

Recently we came to know about the afraidness of Indian political parties for coming under ambit of RTI act. It felt nice to me when I saw that atleast the political parties can also be afraid of something, in the land where half of the country is run by judgments of Supreme court and Politicians thinking themselves above law.

One of the reason for this reluctance for comin into ambit of RTI act is basically EGO problem that says to each of every MP of India from within "Hey! I am the one who votes in making a law for masses , how come such law be applicable to me, IT JUST CAN'T HAPPEN TO ME" sounds really funny for these mind ignorant few who make laws/amend laws for their betterment.

There are many demerits for bringing Political parties under RTI which would directly affect the money suction capacity of party members (until they find new way of gulping money), The major problem which political parties would surely face if they come under RTI is that such move would expose the BUSINESS-MAN - POLITICIAN - BUREAUCRATS NEXUS, actually one doesnot need to be super intelligent in understanding the working of the businessman-politician-bureaucrats nexus which works together in eating Natural resources of the country and tax evasion activities.

Here I would explain in breif how does this BUSINESS-MAN - POLITICIAN - BUREAUCRATS nexus works-

A cash rich businessmen wants to start new business(or expand present business), he wants to import some raw material from abroad(which presently attracts import duty of lets say 20 percent), he contacts a in power politician of leading political party to decrease import duty to 1 percent(until his imports arrive). The politician changes the import duty (after he gets few crores as party fund from the businessmen), In this time warehouses are stocked up by ample raw material and the ministry is told to raise the import duty back to 20 percent. This moves stifles competition as others cant have the advantage of the 19 percent import duty reduction. Now imagine if Political party comes under RTI, this whole money exchanges would become public and more scams/favouritism would unearthen(which currently goes unnoticed). Now if the politician himself has stake in company then money transfer might not be required as profits of such move are shared between owners of business.

So I strongly feel that such move would never be legally implemented as it would affect bread and Butter of political parties, as we say in hindi 'Apne hi pet par laat kaun maarega'