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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Indian black money and IPL

Well Indian Premier league is just over so i wanted to write on it . As this time i thought the IPL was indirectly related to Indian economy or atleast with the black money which is as large as the legal value of indian economy.

So why was the whole episode of suspending lalit Modi created.?

The obvious reason for that was he brought name of Shashi Tharoor and her so called friend sunanda(oops i forgot to keep the 's' capital) in the eyes of the common men. people now obviously think that the black money which our politicians make from corruption, smuggling, trafficking etc have been properly invested by them in bringing the IPL teams. Prafull (he is full of money) Patel himself might be related (although these alligations have been ruled out by the puppets for NCP)......i mean people of BCCI.

The reason of indian government beginning to go after Lalit Modi is very obvious! that is - you have made one of our most public politician to resign so you have no right to come in front of public too.....(being the IPL chairman). Lalit Modi himself is tremendous businessman and turned this business venture of IPL into profit in the very first year.

The other reason is that the ruling politicians have not got their share of the black money and they are crying...sob sob. There are no proper papers of the deals and after some masala news, News channels have got their share for keeping their mouth shut from now on....!!

It's sad to say that we live in a country being run by ignorant goons!! It's only the hardwork of the people which is keeping our economy on growth path.

Another funny thing from this whole IPL episode was that the minister's use public money for their own pleasures... (example being the Poorna Patel episode). and a false clarification from AI on the whole episode.

God Bless India