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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

6th Pay Commission Report has for all - Salary Hikes for everyone

The sixth pay commission report has salary hikes for all the central government employees while hikes are ranging from 23% to 53% depending upon the category in which the employee falls. There has been looking skeptical however because government officials have still not given any details about the hike officially and the employees have to wait for the report to be announced officially.

Since elections are to be held next year therefore it might be a voters benefit report and governemnt is turning no stone upturn to please voters, P Chitambram presented a please all budget on february 29 /2008.

Moreover, the hikes so recommended have been more generous at the higher levels and lower levels in the government hierarchy, but not so at the middle rung — directors, deputy secretaries, etc. While for a section officer, the increase is 41.8% (24.6% at the higher level), for a director it is 31.1% (23% at higher level). For a joint secretary, the proposed hike translates into 58.7% (44.3% at the higher level), for additional secretary, it is 49% (47.4% at lower level). However, if the house rent allowance and children’s education allowance are not taken into account, the hikes are considerably lower.

For a section officer, the hike is 26.2% (12.2% at the higher level), For a director 21.3% (14.3% at the higher level), for a joint secretary it is 48.2% (35% at the higher level), for additional secretary it is 39.4% (38.1% at the higher level).

The department of expenditure, which is examining the recommendations will take the report to the Cabinet for taking note of it shortly before the Parliament session begins after the recess. After that a committee of secretaries would be constituted to oversee the implementation of the report clause by clause.

Even as the Sixth Pay Commission has recommended an overall increase, ranging between 23% and 58% in various categories, it has failed to cut ice with civil servants.

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