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Saturday, August 21, 2010

India's 5 million aid to Pakistan - analysis

It might look very stupid thing being done by Indian government by giving $ 5 million aid to flood hit Pakistan. to me personally it looks a very optimistic move and the aid amount will surely have backing of every political party(I'll tell reason in this post).

In my thinking advisors to PMO and other central ministers have played a very nice move in the ongoing game of chess with Pakistan. This would help in mounting global pressure on Pakistan later in supressing terrorism globally, I have not heard about any big terrorist activity in pass year and half, which is only due to fact that global pressure is mounting day by day on Pakistan.

USA also put pressure on Pakistan in accepting India's aid. Now the question is how this would help Indian Government in it's actual motive behind the move. After giving aid one thing is sure that in the eyes of Pakistan(particularly it's people after reading this news about aid in newspapers) the image of India as country must have changed(though it might be a very meagre initially). Also this move will be very helpful in long term as surely Pakistan would play a softhand in future against India(from terrorist activities perspective) which would mean that government would save even more than 5 million dollars which it currently spends on army budget. I know my post looks too optimistic but this is what I feel the reason why Indian Government has done it.