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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Indian Politics need Egypt's people methodology for uprooting corrupt

This post is inspired or fueled by two incidents, First is the developments in Egypt against their president Mubarak, and second is based on a recently came bollywood movie titled "No body killed Jessica" which is based on real story of murder of a barmaid Jessica lall by then son of Haryana Congress head Manu Sharma. The film basically shows the power of common people when they come together just and tells that even the strongest politicians are just Shi* in front of citizens when they are together.

Both the incidents are perfect in present day scenario, Egypt's developments also show that the power of common people would help in eradicating the corruption too.

In my previous posts visitors have left comment that we know the problem but where is the solution of the problem, The problem I am talking about is corruption and Corrupt politicians. So through this post I'll talk about solution for solving this biggest problem which is hindering India's development and damaging the image of India as a country infront of the world.

The solution for eradicating corrupt politicians, babus, Police from india is in hands of common person, no-no not in hand of single person but when all the citizens come together and the implementation of this solution should start from the lowest level first as it would be more effective at lower level of bureaucracy. The foremost requirement for such activity is there should be unity in all citizens who are affected by that politician, babu, officer and believe me unity of people will never go waste, History of Indai is evident that their is no power greater then power of people and this power has to unite together to notify our corrupt politicians that they are not above law,(same case as of Jessica Lall).

The other advantage is by following this methodology politicians would fear before doing any such anti-social activity(which they often do now). They will become more citizen inclined. I'll give one another example, If your area desperately needs one school so that children can become social and the politician or education minister is not caring about it(because of the fear that if people become literate then they will not give vote to him, as he/she has done nothing), Just remember Indian Politicians hate growing literacy rate of India because they come to power by votes of illiterate. People of that area should directly go to the office of the minister and tell him to provide funds for school therwise his power would be in trouble, I am sure he will definitely take concrete steps immediately for opening the school.

There can be other numerous examples too but I'll close this post here and hope that the solution I have just provided helps in bringing the change in country, Change by uprooting the corrupt from the system, bringing literacy, development etc.

Do remember The ultimate power in democracy is in hands of common people when came together. Keep on leaving your valuable comments and the discussion should reach broder audience. JAI HIND!!

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